Allen Franklin Jordan

Computer Programmer, Mathematician


SkySonde is a suite of software for collecting, viewing, and processing weather balloon data. I wrote it in C# with Microsoft Visual Studio, using several external libraries for plotting, audio input, and advanced mathematics.

SkySonde Client

SkySonde Client connects to SkySonde Server to receive real-time CRC-checked weather balloon data and make any plots and file outputs required. It currently supports the Intermet iMet-1-RSB radiosonde and several optional attached instruments, such as the NOAA Frostpoint Hygrometer and the EN-SCI/DMT ECC Ozonesonde.

SkySonde Server

SkySonde Server performs the raw-most collection and error-checking of the balloon data, making it available on a TCP port for any client programs to use. It can receive and demodulate radiosonde telemetry directly from a receiver's audio output (using the computers line-in/microphone port), or communicate with an external 1200-baud Bell 202 modem. SkySonde Client connects to SkySonde Server, often on the same computer through the "localhost" address but it can also be networked across several computers.

SkySonde Processor

SkySonde Processor is for post-processing weather balloon flights. It can make plots, recalculate data fields, edit or smooth bad data points, download Dobson ozone or NASA satellite data for inter-comparison, and make many final output files for distribution. It can also be used in batch mode to make changes to many historical flights at once.

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